Opt-Out of Future List Rentals or Change Your Communication Preferences



Use this online form to opt out of Disabled American Veterans’ future list rentals/exchanges, or to change your communication preferences.

The Disabled American Veterans (DAV) from time to time conducts list rental and list exchange activities with other organizations and companies whom we consider to be trusted providers. We do this to help maintain an active donor list and reduce the cost of raising funds to help disabled veterans.

Please click here to go to our homepage if you are fine with your present status and communication preferences and do not wish to make any changes.

1. If you do not wish to take part in these activities, please click the box below and your name and address will be excluded from future list exchanges or rentals. Please note that this exclusion will take place within 2 business days, and will not affect any activity that may already be in process. DAV Members and DAV Auxiliary Members are never rented or exchanged.

Please exclude me from all of DAV’s future list rentals and exchanges.

2. DAV communicates with our donors and the general public periodically by mail and/or email. If you prefer less or different communications from the DAV, please select the appropriate boxes.

I do not want to receive further communications from DAV by postal mail.

I do not want to receive further communications from DAV by email.


I want to receive only one fundraising solicitation from DAV per year.


I do not want postage stamps on the return envelopes I receive from DAV.

3. Please complete the form below. We will make every effort to honor your wishes marked above. To be successful we need the following information.

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